As of May 29th, Massachusetts has removed or eased the state’s Covid-19 mandates. Chatham is yours to enjoy again!

The secluded and beautiful garden at the Queen Anne Inn

Away from large crowds, long lines and yes, COVID.


Protocol & Best Practices

The Queen Anne’s property, unlike others, is situated like a secret garden. Towering, mature hedges, entwined with beautiful flowery vines and giant hydrangeas surround you, separating you and you family from the hustle and bustle we all need to find a distance from. Whether you relax at the pool or enjoy a refreshment or a meal in the garden, you are always assured of your private sphere.


Safe Dining

Our staff will continue masks at all time to ensure our guests the best sanitary environment. You will find disinfection set ups in all public areas.

All meals, breakfast, dinner, snacks and refreshments can now enjoyed in or outside at the Garden Café “Kolibri,” in your room or on your balcony, and of course in the elegant and relaxed dining rooms of the inn.

We guarantee you: No crowds,no lines and an extraordinary cuisine, served with utmost personal attention.


Clean Rooms

Our COVID crew is still hard at work. Utmost attention to your private quarters has always been our highest priority.

During this period, the room is disinfected, sanitized and painstakingly cleaned by our housekeepers who are thoroughly trained and experienced to do so. You may not see such precautions applied in private vacation/rental homes, where “change overs” from one occupant to another take place within only a few hours. There will always be an ample supply of personal disinfection items in your room.


Travel Restrictions

Please recognize the Queen Anne’s COVID Protocol is a means for all to stay healthy. Don’t forget to check the State’s travel orders for out of state visitors before you leave for your vacation!

If you are vaccinated, please bring your vaccination Card with you, as you may have to prove your status in various places, especially indoors.

At the Queen Anne we kindly ask you to make a copy of it, you will be “free and clear“ to move around on the Inn’s premises without a mask. All unvaccinated guests are strongly recommended to wear their masks in public areas.

Outside in town and around the Cape, no masks are required. Please still practice social distancing.

Last not least, please check the Mass travel order before you leave home. Travel Order


Social Distancing at the Inn

Directional signs in hallways and passageways will help you to get to your room quickly – please follow the arrows on the floor to minimize contact among persons in transit.

Lobby and Common rooms are clearly marked to allow for separation of 6 feet or more for guests during check in and check out times. This will limit chances for crowding in lobby and reception and common areas.

Public restrooms must remain closed for the time being– please, use only the toilet in in your private room for the duration of your stay.

All paper products such as brochures, magazines and newspapers cannot be distributed in any of the inn’s common areas.

Entry and Exit doors will remain open from 07:00 a.m. to 11:00p.m. to assure contactless entry and exit;

Sanitizing stations have setup in the Lobby, Lounge, and Garden level exit area.

Arrivals and departures:

Upon being welcomed by our attendants you will be asked to show your picture ID and provide a credit card imprint. After those quick formalities, you will be taken an a short tour of the premises, making you feel at home right away. Information materials about the inn, Chatham and the region are removed from all rooms according to Public Health Orders. You will find a disinfected map of Chatham in your room, however. All other informational materials are available at the Reception Desk.

Upon departure, you can just drop off the key into the glass container (filled with disinfection liquid) at the front desk. Your invoice is already in your email, showing all charges and the processed final balance. If you prefer, please check with the front desk attendant anytime you want to look over your bill or contact us anytime after your safe departure.


Your luggage will be brought from your car to your room (or vice versa upon your departure) by our strong young attendants.

Room cleaning:

Please, you must let us know if you’d like us to service your room during your stay. Otherwise our staff is not permitted to enter your room. We will always

apply best practices and are happy to remake your bed, change your linens, clean your bathroom, change your towels and vacuum the room. Please also note that we cannot touch any of your personal belongings.

Contrary to past years the complimentary coffee stations and the early afternoon tea and cake display in the lounge will not be set up for self service. Instead we will serve it to your table upon request.
Nor will you find the ice cube vendor available; please bring your ice bucket into the lounge and we fill it up promptly.
For the same health concerns the common room with its computer station, library as well as the ironing room are not available. All needs in these respects will be gladly provided upon request.

Thank you for observing our COVID Protocol, it is to the benefit of all of us, vacationing or working at the Queen Anne. Stay safe and enjoy your stay and time in Chatham!