Chatham…  magical spot with a spellbinding past… and a lot of fun things to do!


Activities have changed over the last few centuries …

Before Basque and Portugese fishermen shared these waters, a native, sea-faring tribe, the Monomoyks, lived here in the area we know as Chatham and on the mysterious island we still call Monomoy. Monomoyks legends immortalize bearded Vikings – calling their island “Stromig”, or ” Island of the Strong Currents.” Fish and shellfish abounded in the bays. The land, with wide marshes and cedar forests, was equally generous. Corn, yams, grapes, and edible berries complemented fowl and venison.
Today, Chatham’s landmark lighthouses still bear witness to the intriguing saga of the sea: Devastating shipwrecks and dramatic rescues. These captivating accounts, mingled with tales of famed whaling captains, pirates, “mooncussers” and even witches, give Chatham a timeless aura and quality.
Warm, long, sun-blessed days, clean sandy beaches; swimming, boating, fishing and a bustling main street full of interesting shops, restaurants and galleries create a colorful mix of things to do.
Cool Cape Cod nights and salty air. Summer stock theater, and traditional Friday night band concerts in Kate Gould Park. Boat trips to Monomoy, visits to nearby Provincetown . Chatham offers something for everyone all year round!

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