Champlain Lounge

During the daily “Social Hour” from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., we offer a generous complimentary display of assorted cheeses, crudities and fresh fruit, along with many other tasty freebies.

Enjoy them with your Wine or Cocktail, (not included in Social Hour offering).
The Social Hour is the perfect time to help you getting acquainted with Chatham and Cape Cod. We are happy to recommend and arrange for any and all activities on the Cape and beyond!

Under the mature trees in the secluded Garden, along the Pool or in the intimate Lounge, you will enjoy one of our signature cocktails and a light snack.

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Most Exquisite Complimentary Breakfast

Most would agree, a morning should start with a relaxed laziness and no guilt for doing nothing.

Well, at the Queen Anne, you find yourself at the right place to do just that. And no better time than breakfast to start your day in the right groove.

Not only is the entire menu produced and cooked by longtime chef Ian Burt with pride and passion in our kitchen, it is served with care and attention to your needs, table side.

No need to line up in long buffets lines, only to find empty trays. Take time with family or friends to go over your day’s plans and, voila, your breakfast is served to you in style.