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The Queen Anne Café & Lounge


Dining in and around Chatham
and at the Queen Anne.


 Our Lounge and Café will re-open in May! We are looking forward to welcoming you for refreshing cocktails and a great selection of espresso drinks!


Isn’t it wonderful having a bunch of fantastic restaurants all within just a few walking minutes from the Queen Anne to enjoy?
And there is always the option to just chill out with a light dinner and cool drinks right at the Queen Anne’s own cafe. No driving, finding parking and standing in line ( and finding your way back)?
Dine poolside at the inn, even on your own balcony or patio. Of course, you can also enjoy a tasty bite in the cool shadows of our garden and in the relaxed lounge of the cafe.
Over the last few years, young new chefs with a passion to cook have gathered not far from the Queen Anne. You absolutely must try them.
We’ll help you to make sure you’ll have a beautiful dinner every evening, wether it’s in town, out of town, or right at the Queen Anne’s pool.
Our service staff has all the menus for you to look at. We will be happy to make your resevation. Bon Appetite!


Breakfast Menu

Café and Lounge Menu

Full Bar serving a wide variety of top quality Californian wines, beers and cocktails!